Give Up On “Self-Help To Help Yourself

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I talked about this with some of the last videos i put out what I say it’s important to realize what you think your default is ok so what do I mean by default I let you stay up here you have I have the worst writing on these abundance whatever abundance and down here you have scarcely ok scarcity abundance the way their conditions literally all of us assume that this is our default meaning you want to know what your default is if right now you stop doing whatever you’re doing like here is in to bettering themselves assume everyone who hears working on becoming more confidence years working on becoming more healthy more successful make more money so on and so forth everyone what if i told you stop doing that what happens if you stop doing all of that we immediately think we’re gonna fall you know it’s true it’s like we’re always running away from this shit like we’re running towards something better and running away from our shitty little default and that’s why everything that we do is just very fucking compulsive you know if you’re someone who’s like working on being confidence what are you constantly reinforcing you’re not confident to begin with if you’re someone who’s working on self-improvement what are you constantly reinforcing that you need to be improved so it’s endless okay now this is what I call step 12 personal developments and during this paradigm where you think this is your default and for anyone in that paradigm what you should be focusing on is optimizing it that’s usually the step that we take and that’s where all this advice you here it’s like well if you have social anxiety on go out and start putting yourself out there you know start working me more confidence if you’re someone is always negative give yourself a positivity challenge focus on some positive things etc etc etc okay like working on becoming more confident that you know improving herself etc is good because it’s optimizing this paradigm but that’s only step one step two is dropping that paradigm and moving towards the abundance paradigm ok and it’s asking yourself well why am i not motivated to like let’s just say you need to work on hustle are not motivated to us when the first place where your confidence by default ok so it’s changing that default what if you stop doing whatever you’re doing instead of falling you realize you’re there and that’s the second step and more and more and this is pretty crazy even in today’s world is like we’re kind of realizing that you know where we’ve literally optimize everything we can think of and it’s still we still didn’t reach abundance it’s didn’t work let’s just say that’s what I realized with the success with women for example you know if you know my story from my perspective at the time i optimize everything I thought I could optimize for real like right before the media scandal I from my perspective had everything I wanted it was like you know it’s like it for you all your wishes come true they came true but I still felt like I was falling if I didn’t do shit if I didn’t keep going and it fucks with you guys like we’ll have everything but I still feel like I’m falling you know and as you kind of realize like maybe have to drop this paradigm and more and more now realizing this too is even the internet there’s more opportunity it’s like there’s more people making it or optimizing it and it’s more and more people realizing it didn’t work and you’ll see that like the more you optimize the more you start getting rid of your excuses because most people they just assumed scarcity their default and they’re like well I wouldn’t be up here if I had XYZ now you start proving yourself you start getting XYZ so your excuses are gone and you’re still down there so it’s a two-step process step one is optimized step two is drop it okay it’s like start caring about all that but then it’s like what if you don’t do all that it’s like you need proof that a bunch is your default we’re always gonna be running away from ok and this applies to even like you know you’re asking like with your subconscious is like an optimized yourself you know it’s like okay I’m gonna accept this this but eventually you have to get to the cost stop fiddling around with the effects ok and it’s tough to because we all we are literally addicted to this shit and especially in terms of motivation were addicted to just feeling like shit and running away from stuff we can’t picture a reality where we don’t run away from stuff link into what i was talking about before where people don’t allow themselves to feel happy or allow themselves to taking their success part of it is you know on one hand you think it’s bad you feel guilty about it because you feel like you don’t deserve to be happy because you’re probably shamed about being happy as a kid but on the other hand you’re also afraid that if you allow yourself to be happy you’ll lose your drive and you will be able to run away from scarcity anymore so if I get too happy I’ll be too comfortable and hustle ok anything where you’re afraid of like not doing it for you feel like you’re running away from something you gotta drop that in terms your motivation ok it’s like misery or again feeling like shit or scarcity will get you in but it’s to get like level 2 you gotta switch that two buttons it will get you all the way they’re okay and it’s a new ones point and it’s kind of wack is for most people it’s like you do have to work on optimizing stuff but then the advice to switch things over is very contradicting to optimizing stuff meeting for example all the nuances if you feel like complete shit doing a positivity challenge helps a lot but to move it over you need to ask yourself why am i not positive by default why do I need to do something to be positive doing something to be positive is reinforcing your not positive person so different things okay in terms of being real that’s another huge one like everyone has trouble with a psychologist fucking people pleasers as i said before step one if you’re a people pleaser is there some stuff to do like maybe practice disagreeing a bit proving yourself nothing bad happens but all that is supposed to do is to give to that end goal of being real in the first place it’s supposed to remind yourself what that feels like it’s not to depend on doing things to be real because they’re reinforcing your fake ok the same with different exercises you know if I like bring some people up and say you start yelling you start loosening up that’s good but that’s optimizing paradigm one-way not loose to begin with so it’s thinking in that way there and this causes you to kind of reexamine literally everything is in the world of today of advice we’re all just focus on optimizing optimizing optimizing no one talks about switching paradigms you know no one talks even about being motivated by abundance is that too i compared to working for money I’m the assumption we all have as well if you know I had all the money in the world i won’t do shit i just you know play video games into smoke we just eat shit like that’s what we think that’s not true if you had all the money in the world you may stop working for a little bit because you’re so used to this compulsive running away from until inspiration kicks in ok and then you’ll be inspired to do something that will be coming from a different place will be coming from abundance not scarcity think desperation inspiration it’s not the thing is the place is coming from why are you not inspired to be healthy in the first place why do you need to work on being healthy doesn’t mean that you’re inspired to be unhealthy to get here you need to go against everything you’ve been doing you need to challenge everything you’ve been doing it’s literally a different paradigm it’s like this should really fuck with you by the way like for example what I’m telling you is like who says you need to be successful women who needs sue says you to be healthy who says you should be successful no one fuck being successful fuck whatever you’re trying to do fuck that you’d be a hundred percent cool with that so it’s very nihilistic in a way but it’s like fuck all that and then you have to trust that inspiration will kick in on its own but it’s challenging and you should if you really get this experience a lot of fucking resistance because what am I telling you everything you’re doing is bullshit and you should not be smiling enjoying this usually like what we’re like there should be some fucking resistance to this like whatever it is right now like you’re all here all I want to socialize did a successful man what if know who says you need to do that fuck that you do yeah fuck that if you don’t know but i must or else you’re not there who says you need to be healthy if your guy was the gym fuck going to the gym don’t go to the gym when you feel resistance not going to the gym now probably be like but I must who says you must that’s we need to challenge there’s nothing you need to do there’s nothing and then you need to trust the inspiration will kick in from there and you’re still this doesn’t mean that you should not hustle by the way this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go to the gym etc etc but it should be coming from a very different place most of us were meditating running away from scarcity but you can also meditate coming from abundance for all hustling run away from Scare see you can hospital coming from abundance we’re all like working on like expanding coming from scares you can also expand coming from abundance we need to drop that attachment to scarcity drop that attachment to fucking misery drop that beating yourself up all the time not thinking like you can allow yourself to be abundance or even be happy or even laugh and enjoy your successes along the way you know you won’t grow lazy that’s you actually create an upward spiral that’s you can keep on going yeah great you don’t look like it right now you don’t look like everything’s going great haha now you do a little bit more I know that now you don’t again now you really don’t look like you had like you have it because if you did you’d be able to laugh and have fun of this versus no that’s not the question yes yes but this question let’s get very serious don’t smile to be serious ask this very seriously yes yes I’m being serious yes everything is great and let’s say everything’s going great right now keep going that you want to do my knowledge yeah yeah yeah yes what about that find your purpose i just can’t find out the purpose stupid stupid yes what about it how do you find that purpose yeah but you can say setting up don’t be don’t be nervous so interested that your abundance I think you’re coming from once i had everything is good no two heads for this okay like a couple things for you it’s like here the logical answer will help but the bigger lesson is kinda was hinting at before it’s like the fuck up you know because right now if you’re trying to find a purpose to escape the darkness it’s not going to be a real purpose if you think you need to find a purpose it’s an escape it’s like going for a drink or shooting up shooting up that heroin ok to now again let’s get nuance here let’s give you once if you’re someone who’s so holla me finding like something that keeps you engaged in life any kind of purpose even though it’s an escape is fucking awesome it’s better than nothing but understand that it’s not really most the time an authentic it’s not really what you want to do it simply come on I need to have the purpose so I don’t feel like this your real purpose will kick in when you realize you don’t need a purpose you’re like fuck that fuck purpose and you’ll see you can be inspired to do something that’s when it’s authentic but you need to really drop it completely once at that level like give up fully on having a purpose for the entrusting it’s like having that blind faith like believing in God that an inspiration will kick in and then you’ll be inspired appointment yeah you need to like be okay without having a purpose feeling fucking awesome to begin with and then it’ll kick in so it’s not the purpose they’ll make you feel happy it’s like feel fucking awesome first that’s the whole thing it’s like up until now anything to make you to get enough presence to drop it like again if you’re really down here anything to get you up here but once you’re up here use whatever like momentum you have your like again now you can be a little bit more you know self-aware to drop it and get up here and that’s why kinda likes was talking about before for you it’s loosening up baby it’s like having fun it’s like I need that purpose it will always be compulsive need to be like that whatever and you’ll see you’ll be inspired to do shit


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